Kodomo Youth Festa Concert Choirs

Crystal Children's Choir-Taiwan


Crystal Children's Choir-Taiwan (Crystal –Taiwan) was founded in December 2000. It has grown into a 420 member organization with ages ranging from 6 to 18 years. Crystal –Taiwanʼ s main focus is to encourage the children to learn the technicalities of singing, and also emphasize the importance of teamwork.

Crystal-Taiwanʼ s mission is to promote musical education and cultural diversities as well as the recognition and appreciation of choral music in its own ethnic origin. It performs a wide variety of songs chosen from classical to contemporary music around the world.

Other than the regular performances annually in Taiwan, Crystal-Taiwan has already toured several cities worldwide including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Seattle, Stockholm, Salzburg , Seoul, Itami, Wakayama, Beijing and Powell River in Canada.

Okinawa Nago Junior Choir



Founded in 1975 as Nago Boys and Girls Chorus and renamed to Okinawa Nago Junior Choir in 2012.

Comprised of two classes, Warabe class with kids from Kindergarten to Second Grade of Elementary School and Junior Class that conducts performances, the Choir provides children many encounters and experiences through choral activities. Based in hometown, Nago, the Choir appears in many stages inside and outside Okinawa prefecture as “Children Chorus Festival” in Tokyo in August, 2014 or “Nagasaki Requiem Project” at Oura Church in September, 2015 etc. Last year, they participated in the Asia Pacific Youth Choral Exchange Project as one of their expanded activities.

They won the Silver Prize of National Vocal Ensemble Competition in 2010, the Japan Choral Association Chairperson Prize at the Japan Choral Competition in Okinawa in 2016.

Shenyang Radio and Television Childrenʼ s Choir



Shenyang Radio and Television Childrenʼ s Choir was one part of Shenyang Broadcasting TV Station. It was established on 11th Jan, 2014. During the half past two years the choir have gained all kinds of achievements. The choir aims at growing into a world first-rate pro bono Childrenʼ s singing group. Benefited from the media support of Shenyang Broadcasting TV Station, sticking to a high-level training pattern, it possesses the potential to develop into the best singing groups worldwide. So far, Shenyang Broadcasting TV Station childrenʼ s singing group has been awarded the Silver Prize in the 12th (Beijing) China International Group Singing Festival

(childʼ s group),July,2014.The Gold Prize in the 9th (Germany) Johannes Brahms International Group Singing Festival (childrenʼ s group),July,2015.And the Gold Prize at 90 high points in the 9th (Sochi, Russia) World Group Singing Champion Competition (childrenʼ s group), July, 2016.

Liou-Guei Senior High School Choir



Liou-Guei Senior High School is located in the rural area of Liou-Guei District. In 2009, almost the entire southern Taiwan was devastated by Typhoon Morakot which claimed more than 600 lives. Soon after the recovery, also in the same year, the previous Principle, the previous Officer of Student Affairs and the Conductor decided to start this choir. The reason for this choir is that we noticed the potential & talents in students. Thatʼ s why we would like to provide a stage for our students to express their feelings through singing. Moreover, the choir will accompany them to go through the recovery and embrace their brand new future.

Liou-Guei District contains a variety of Taiwanese tribes, such as Minnan, Hakka, Indigenous people, and etc. Most of the parents make their living by agriculture, however the students appreciated less resource than those who live in big cities.

For students living in remote areas, each performance brings them different inspiration, different life experience and at the same time, also brings out the courage deep inside of them. Accordingly, we look forward to hearing the sound of music in the mountains can pass it down from generation to generation from the bottom of our hearts.