One of the long-lasting popular workshops of the Festival is the Conducting workshop, led by Ko Matsushita, the Artistic Director of this Festival, and one of his choirs as the model choir.

This workshop will be in the style of an open lesson, and participants may learn the technique of conducting and methods of musical analysis.


(Photos: from the official Facebook page, Basics and Advanced classes from KICF2015) (sorry, only in Japanese)

Applications are open for model conductors for this workshops as below.

Note: tickets for the audience will start to be sold at the same time as other concert tickets.



 Date and Time  25 August (Sat) 10:30〜12:30
 Repertoire  ’Goldfish (Kingyo)’, ‘ An Angry Snail (Katatsumuri Punpun)’,

‘My Hobby (Syumi)’ from “Etudes for Chorus 4 (Intermediate Book 4)”

 Model choir  Brilliant Harmony
 Number of models  Three closed
 Fees  20,000 JPY




 Date and Time  26 August (Sun) 10:00〜12:00
 Repertoire  The NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition 2018 set pieces

Composer:Ko Matsushita

 Model choir  The Ladies’ Vocal Artists Antheia
 Number of models  Three closed
 Fees  20,000 JPY
Note: Scores of the music will be published by NHK Publishing. We will notify about how to get them.


Also, model participants can purchase the 3-day pass by a discounted price. This pass allows you to enter all events held in the Main Hall of Ohga Hall during this main festival period.


If you would like to be a model or want to know further information,
please contact the Festival admin office by phone or e-mail.

TEL & FAX:+81-42-786-6517 E-mail: